Thursday, August 12, 2010

Calvin - Chapter 10

Chapter X: Scripture, to Correct all Superstition, has Set the True God Alone Over Against All the Gods of the Heathen

What a lovely short chapter!* And a good one.

Calvin summarises his point so far,
We have taught that the knowledge of God, otherwise quite clearly set forth in the system of the universe and in all creatures, is nonetheless more intimately and also more vividly revealed in his Word (I, x, 1, p96)
You really know God through his Word, and his Word confirms anything that we might have learnt from his creation - but more wholly and completely.
Indeed, the knowledge of God set forth for us in Scripture is destined for the very same goal as the knowledge whose imprint shines in his creatures, in that it invites us first to fear God, and then to trust in him. By this can we learn to worship him both with perfect innocence of life and with unfeigned obedience, then to depend wholly upon his goodness. (I, x, 2, p98)
As Scripture points us to the true God, all gods of the heathen are rejected and excluded. We are not generally in too much danger of following Jupiter, Zeus or another false God which Calvin mentions. However, we have many other heathen gods - the environment, materialism, education, pleasure-seeking...

Which 'god' do you find yourself following instead of the Lord of all, who reveals himself in His word?

* on the other hand, Ch 11 is rather long - may have to work up the energy for that one!

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