Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Farewell to 24

A few months ago we watched 24 for the last time. We have really enjoyed all 8 seasons.

I used to hate suspenseful movies and shows, then I got addicted to 24!

Six years ago, Husband was out on Thursday nights. When he came home at 9:25 he would find me in an adrenalin rush, unable to believe what I had just seen and the cliffhanger I was left with for another week - the end of yet another episode of 24. It was Season 4.

It seemed some other friends also got into it at the same time, so for about a year we would get together and watch 4 episodes at a time, working our way through Seasons 1-3. The end of the night was always a cliffhanger, and it would take about an hour for my heart-rate to slow to normal again.

You never knew what would happen and the plotlines got more and more unrealistic as time went on. However, you did know that someone (or more than one) person you really liked would die or disappear in every season. It became a guess to see who was going to last till the end. The list of names flood back: Michelle, Tony, Audrey, Terry, Nina, Aaron, Bill Buchanan, President Palmer ...

In the end, only 2 members of the cast from Series 1 make it to the end of Season 8 unharmed. And one other lead female who joined in Season 3. Other fans - do you know who they are??

I will miss the unreality of 24. And Jack Bauer.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy..........my answer is Jack, Kim and Chloe (series 3)!! We have seen all the way through to Series 8 too. I always found that if I didn't knit while I watched, my legs shook from all the tension!!

Amy Perkins

Wendy said...

Hi Amy - lovely to see you here!

Yes, you are right. And I realised when I re-read my post, I should never have said they were 'unharmed' by the end, perhaps, just 'alive'.

Hope all is well with you guys.


Tamie said...

Here's a whole set of fun 24 facts, Wendy!