Sunday, August 1, 2010


Do you love nature documentaries and the voice of Sir David Attenborough?

Or do your kids love animals, reptiles, birds, etc?

We just watched the first episode of Life, which screened last Sunday on ABC1.

Mr 7 loved it, he was entranced. Miss 5 enjoyed it too. The only parts I wondered if they would struggle with was when three cheetahs brought down an ostrich, and when a seal killed a baby penguin. The latter was rather graphic as you watched it repeatedly bite chunks out of the still very recognisable penguin. However, I think I was more concerned about it that they were.

The cinematography and photography was amazing. I don't know how they got half of the pictures. I was fascinated too.

Even if you start watching/taping it from next week, you will still get 8 episodes. You can watch the first two here.

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Arthur said...

I love nature docos and grew up on a steady diet of them! Is Arthur, nature boy, a thing of nature or nurture? Probably both... :D

Speaking of ostriches... The ostrich squashes her own eggs, yet God made her (Job 39:13ff). The baby hawks live on dead things, yet God made them (39:26ff). I figure nature docos are also a great means of introducing kids to the strange correlation between a puzzling world and a wise God! :)